We are York’s only truly independent MOT testing station.
Furthermore we are York’s only accredited Which? MOT testing station, but how does this help you?

We only do MOT’s -in a nutshell we offer Fair & Impartial Testing.

What that means to you is we don’t fail vehicles to gain extra unnecessary work; common areas where this practice goes on is
1.Shock absorbers
3.Brake pipes

How many times has your trusted vehicle required repairs following an apparent MOT fail?

Being fully trained mechanics we are more than capable of rectifying faults, but we don’t- striving instead to retain our strict independent and impartial status. This ensures you only need pay for repairs to your vehicle that are actually needed.

The solution is simple!
1.Like & share this information with your York friends- they will thank you!
2.Call 01904 431234 book your MOT and then go to your garage. Why pay for unnecessary repairs?

There’s a reason why we are Which? accredited-It’s to your advantage!

Don’t fall victim to unnecessary repairs designed to line the pockets of dealerships- take back control & call 01904 431234- you’ll be glad you did!